Palais Cardinal

- Notizen des Weingutes: "The origins of the property come from a sumptuous palace in Saint-Emilion village. In the XIII century, the Cardinal Gaillard de la Motte, nephew of the first French Pope Clement the 5th, became the first dean of the collegiate church and gave his title to this monument now cal-led“le Palais Cardinal”, the Cardinal Palace.

The vineyard of the Château, located on Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens, South of Saint-Emilion, is composed by gravels and sand drained by the steam “La Fuie”. In 1850, the owner of the property is Monsieur Lambège who calls it “Château Moulin de Cassagne”

Almost a century later, in 1947 Monsieur Frétier bought the vineyard and decides to change his name on “Château Palais Cardinal La Fuie” in reference to the cask cellar he had in the Cardinal Palace.

In 2008 the Château Palais Cardinal became the property of Monsieur and Madame Texier and their family. During 10 years they renovated and expanded the building and the vi-neyard, increasing the wine quality in the same time.

Since 2018 the Château Palais Cardinal is own by Monsieur Louis Ballande, who have a large experience in vineyard management. Our team and partners works every day to give you all the best of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru wine, and an unforgettable experience!"

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